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Last updated:2024/07/19
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Welcome to Hosei University Academic Research Database.
We have established the following 15 undergraduate departments, many graduate departments and research Institutes of Faculty of Law, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Faculty of Sustainability Studies, Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies(GIS), Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Policy and Administration, Faculty of Sports and Health Studies, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry and Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences.

The total number of faculty members belonging to these undergraduate departments,  graduate schools, and attached facilities is about 780, play a role in many specialized fields.

This database is for introducing the outline of the contents of the research achievement of these faculty members. It would be great if researchers outside the Hosei University could use this as an opportunity for collaborative research with the faculty members of the Hosei University, and additionally educational officials and candidates could use in course guidance.

The data recorded here are those collected by the Hosei University Research and Development Center for full-time faculty members.

Please also note the following points when using it.
・Copyright is attributed to Hosei University, and it is protected under Japanese laws and international treaties.
・Unless authorized by the Copyright Act, it is prohibited by law to reproduce part or all of the data without permission.
・This database is open to the public widely. We will accept the link to the extent that it is not for profit-making purposes.
・The responsible department on this database is Hosei University Research and Development Center.
・Contact:suisin◎adm.hosei.ac.jp. (Please replace ◎ with @)

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Hosei University Research and Development Center

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